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Wendy Stanbridge  recommends Live Well CBD.

25 May · Tried a few this is the best for me 🙂


Nicky Eccles  recommends Live Well CBD

High quality and excellent value.


Lee Mr-p Peacock  recommends Live Well CBD

Been using this a few months now extremely happy with results. my hip and back pain has been greatly reduced.


Gary Clark  recommends Live Well CBD.

Have been using CBD for over 2 years, I tried many brands and spent hundreds of pounds on false full spectrum and isolate products that never worked for me for more than a few days, then I tried live well, the much darker product was more like what you would expect from a full spectrum oil and the results were astounding, this could replace pharmaceuticals that are prescribed, I found swelling and scar tissue inflammation greatly reduced and a reduction in pain, I have become more active and healthy thanks to this product.


Angie Angel  recommends Live Well CBD.

17 March 

The only full spectrum oil I can find in the area above 1500mg and very reasonably priced! We are trying the 3000mg dropper currently and help treat my boyfriend's brain tumours. fingers crossed we see some positive results! 🙏


Carl Cope  recommends Live Well CBD.

16 December 2018

I suffer from anxiety, spasms, chronic pain, sleeplessness, mental health problems, I have chronic pain from a spinal injury i use the 1000mg 10ml vape booster and is absolutely amazing, im trying to up my dosage a little bit so trying to find a stronger version of this product, i will be also reviewing this on youtube, you guys are absolutely brilliant very thankful, using 50 drops into a 10ml bottle of

ejuice has helped me in so many ways, its even cut my smoking down by 75%, really happy i can move forward now, if you are considering buying don't hesitate great products..Thank you livewell.!!


Jack Bramhall  recommends Live Well CBD.

16 May 

Great products with loads of health benefits.


Danni Endbsl Murphy  recommends Live Well CBD.

17 December 2018

I suffer with fibromyalgia and with that comes chronic IBS, I feel violently sick constantly and can't eat, I started with the the 1000mg yesterday and all I can say is wow!! I ate yesterday evening and I woke up this morning not feeling sick at all!! No pain, nothing!! Amazing product, Thank you for giving me a life!!!!


Gary Robertson  recommends Live Well CBD.

15 September 2018

I have been in chronic pain for years from cancer surgery I have started using 1000mg Vape Booster which is working miracles managed to drop morphine to 180mg from 400mg a day.