The Gut Feelings of Intuition

The Gut Feelings of Intuition - No1 CBD

Personal development author Shakti Gawain says "Most of us are in touch with our intuition whether we know it or not, but we're usually in the habit of doubting or contradicting it so automatically that we don't even know it has spoken."

How do you apply your feeling when it comes to eating?  Do you quit thinking about what you'd like and secure your choice accordingly?   Does a special menu call to you? As a nutrition and wellness mentor, I almost follow natural food choices to desires.  Intuition, or cravings, send us messages. It's necessary to accept. 

Consider it:  you're resting at home, not feeling very well, and all you desire is chicken soup! While this is often a suggested food when someone is under the climate, no one needs to assure you that. Your body understands.  If you have a difficult stomach bug, once the vomiting finishes, you might be looking for a sweet popsicle or something salty. While not the healthfullest of choices, this too is your feeling calling you to feed that will rebalance your blood sugar or replace the lost sodium for balanced electrolytes.  This is the brilliance of attending to your intuition. 

Or maybe you are bodily fine but you are feeling lonely.  Your intuition may drive you to overeat. It is a form of "filling up" the emptiness inside.  Here is a situation where you want to dig deeper into the significance of this intuitive message. Is it really overeating that your feeling is directing you to do?  Or is it warning you that you're feeling meaningless because you are alone? When you understand this, you can distinguish between physical and emotional hunger. 



Your intuition is the ideal complement to your rational left mind.  It will supply you information faster than thought will if you attend to it.  Once attended to, ask yourself if what you are thinking aligns with who you are.  Often when you move over to your thinking brain you will realize where the feeling originated from and if it is something to follow.  

We don't describe intuition as our "gut feeling" for nothing.  It is lodged in our heart and has much to tell about our food and our passions. Value its messages. It''s been dwelling in you for all your life.

Which leads me to another idea: 


It's no misfortune when we have emotions come upon us, even without accurate information, that we "feel" something.  It's because the digestive method plays a central role in our response, internally and externally, to our surroundings. 

The digestive method is a complicated collection of multiple functions, and from beginning to end is more than 30 feet long.  Within that method, we have up to 70% of our immune receptors and as much as 80-90% of serotonin is created in the stomach. These uses send thousands of signs to the brain, helping us process and conclude.  Is it any shock in today's lifestyle of poor quality food and careless eating habits that the digestive system becomes very challenged? And when you feel a "foggy brain" feeling, you may look for the case and answer to the problem right on your plate. 


If you can tap into your natural health demands and more fully realize the simple way our digestive method talks to our intuition and analyzed method, contact me to program a respectful health consultation. 

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