CBD Oil In UK – Can It Help People Suffering From Cancer

CBD Oil In UK – Can It Help People Suffering From Cancer - No1 CBD

Whenever someone mentions ‘cannabis,’ you think that it is all about the psychoactive substance that makes you ‘high.’ However, forward-thinking nations recognized the healing and therapeutic effects of cannabis. The sale and use of CBD oil are entirely legal in the UK. Now, everyone is aware of the debilitative effects of cancer. It is perhaps the most dangerous degenerative disease of all. Thanks to the advancements made by medical sciences, cancer is curable today. Then again, you can expect salvation only if doctors and physicians diagnose your ailment early. Chemotherapy is the most preferred treatment when it comes to curing cancer. New research, on the other hand, is trying to decipher whether cancer patients can benefit from CBD oil in UK.

The differences and similarities

Before you get to know the specific benefits of CBD oil, you need to understand something. There are different types of cannabis oils available. The cannabinoids in cannabis plants aren’t the same as the ones available in hemp plants. The chemical components of the substance derived from these plants have some effect on you upon consumption. The two most recognized cannabinoids are CBD and THC. Almost everything acquired from cannabis contains some amount of THC and CBD. It can be a tincture, oil, capsules, or anything else. It is imperative to state here that THC is the chemical that creates the ‘high’ effect, but not CBD. It is the chemical that earned popularity as a therapeutic medicine.

Regarding cancer

Indeed, doctors and physicians don’t have any definitive answer about CBD. They aren't sure whether it can cure cancer or not. However, they did find some promising evidence through researches conducted over the last few decades. The first study, which showed positive results, took place in 1975. The scientists reported that tetrahydrocannabinol or THC and cannabinol or CBN slowed cancer growth in mice. Another study conducted in 2014 showed that CBD and THC can make cancer cells respond better to radiation therapy. The most recent case report came up in 2019. One man resorted to the use of CBD oil in UK after declining conventional cancer treatment. The reports generated later proved that the individual’s physical systems responded well to this alternative therapy. In spite of all these outcomes, specialists say that further studies are mandatory.

Where to buy it

There is much confusion in the UK laws regarding CBD oil. The whole nation considers cannabinoids as ‘controlled substances.’ However, CBD happens to be the only exception and it is completely legal in the UK. Of course, it has to be a derivative of an industrial hemp strain that the EU approves. This plant contains little to no THC at all. You can get CBD oil and different products manufactured from it from No.1 CBD, Blackpool. This organization offers every kind of CBD product that exists to its clients. You won’t have to search anywhere else, because No.1 CBD has various CBD products in stock. You should start by exploring its website for the multiple varietals of CBD they offer.

The perks

The company, No.1 CBD, strives to provide honest information regarding its products to its clients. They conduct laboratory tests on all their products so that they meet specific quality standards. It is the best company which sells pure CBD oil in UK. They tailor their services for their customers and all their clients speak only the best about them.

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