With all the discussion about the coronavirus, or covid-19, there’s quite a bit of worry and anxiety.  This arises when there are unknowns, particularly when the media and those in seats of authority start quarantines to isolate not only those with indications but also those who might have come in touch with someone who might or does have the virus.  

# You may be left feeling incapable, not assured of whether to take part in events, stay home or avoid travel.  I’m going to give you some action steps you can take to build a healthy you so you are better prepared to counter any virus should you be exposed to one:

# Eat healthily! Skip the oily food and sugar; eat several colors of vegetables and fruits to get a cross-section of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants;  hydrate with water and herbal teas

# Rest.  Taking enough rest provides your body time to restore, an essential part of remaining well.

# Obey your proper shiatsu, massage, acupuncture and/or chiropractic appointments; they are a part of a healthful lifestyle regimen.

# Think immune building additions.  Read up on Metagenics 3 immune makers  (ImmuCore) (UltraFlora Immune Probiotic)  or (SinuPlex) to see if one is best for you.  Applying these links saves you 20% off retail value. 

# Check your tension. Stress excites the resistant system, which can be a plus for critical conditions. This stimulation can assist you to bypass germs and heal wounds. But over time, stress hormones will lessen your resistant system and decrease your body’s response to foreign attackers. People under constant stress are more sensitive to viral illnesses like the flu and the general cold, as well as other infections. Stress can raise the time it needs you to overcome an illness or injury.  A consumer of mine listens to my stress recording every day before taking a short afternoon rest. 

# Attach with people you love.  There’s nothing really like being in the company of those you love to increase your sense of well-being.  

# Practice private health.  This is something we should always do, but particularly if you are concerned about remaining well.  Part of this involves staying home when you are not feeling good. Always clean your hands with soap, bypass crowds when possible, put your hands away from your face, and air out your home daily, bearing in the fresh air.

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